AGM Results

New Committee for 2022

Our Annual General Meeting was held last night, and as a result we have a new committee for the coming season.

The club thanks those that were on the committee foe 2021 and thanks them for their hard work during trying times.

Message from our new President

Firstly let me thank the outgoing committee for all their efforts during a very difficult period. They deserve a massive congratulations for the success of keeping the Club alive during the pandemic. I know it took its toll on a lot of us but thank you for your efforts, your time and your families understanding and support.

So a little about me and the new committee for those that don’t know me, I’m Stu. I have been a Barker for 40+ years and like most of you have the club running in my veins. I’m a second generation Barker and my brothers, son, nephews and nieces are Barkers too. It amazes me we are now seeing 3rd and 4th generation Barkers around the club and it speaks directly to what our club is about…family and community.

I am joined by a fantastic group of people to form your committee for 2022, in the coming weeks we will ask them to introduce themselves to you all. Please approach us and tell us what the club means to you and what you want out of your club.

So what’s next

Firstly there is one very important position the club still needs to fill. The club secretary is a mandatory role that we must fill in the next 14 days. I would like to fill it plus find a couple of people to help support that role and learn the role at the same time. Historically the club secretary is responsible for:

• Dealing with the Club’s correspondence
• Main point of contact with Football Victoria and the wider community
• Preparing the notices required for meetings and for the business to be conducted at meetings (this is referring to developing an agenda).
• Work with the registrars and maintaining the list of membership
• Owning the constitution and making sure we as a club follow the rules in it
• Maintaining full and accurate minutes of committee meetings and general meetings.
• Keep our meetings short and to the point

Its and ideal role for anyone that likes a bit of admin. If you are at all interested please reach out. The club cannot function legally without this role being filled.

There are other roles that we need to cover around the club but I will let you know about them in the coming weeks. Also there are a few spots left on the general committee if you still want to get involved.

To keep you all in the loop of  the club will increase the amount of communication we have with the membership and initially we will use the email, Facebook and Instagram to do so. I look forward to meeting those I haven’t yet and catching up with those I haven’t seen for a while.

In 2022 we are letting the dogs out!

Stuart Milne

Our New Committee is as follows,
President – Stuart Milne
Vice President – Andy McCabe
Secretary – Vacant
Treasury – Mario Cauteruccio
Committee General
Liam Ryan
Michael Orlando
Andrew Cowie
Anna Wheeler
Mick Ashworth
Mel Charlot

We have some faces that most will know and some new faces.
We welcome our new committee.