As most club members and supporters know, the club has been working continuously for the last 5 years in attempting to get our main club house upgraded and new female friendly facilities built. Our current senior rooms do not provide anywhere suitable for our female adults in our club to get changed, the only option is the mens change rooms that the women need to walk through the mens toilets to gain access. The club is also in discussions with council to have our junior pitches fully upgraded with new LED lighting and synthetic pitches to enable usage more often and not weather dependent.

On Saturday afternoon (25th August 2018) the club hosted our sponsor and supporters day and also welcomed The Hon David Hodgett, Deputy Leader of the Victorian Liberal Party, Member for Croydon, and also Bridget Vallence, Liberal Candidate for Evelyn.

Both David and Bridget have visited numerous times over the years and we have always welcomed them as they both have been actively supporting our club. Bridget has been vocal in the Liberal Party room to gain a commitment of funding for our project. With the support of Cr Terry Avery and the Yarra Ranges Council we were delighted that David and Bridget came to visit with a surprise announcement that if elected, the Victorian Liberal Party will commit $1million towards the redevelopment and building of our much needed female friendly facilities.

The club has been in contact with several members and ministers including the Premier Daniel Andrews and Sports Minister John Erin, and so far the Victorian Labor Party has shown no interest is supporting our club and its needs to accommodate females in sport. We will be contacting them again, and if anything changes we will make an announcement.

For full details of the media release by The Hon David Hodgett MP please read the attached pdf file.